November 21, 2018 /

Why Choose an Outdoor Wedding Venue?


A wedding venue can make or break your wedding.  One way to create a lasting impression that will be the talk of holiday dinners for years to come, is by choosing an epic outdoor wedding venue.  There’s simply nothing that compares to the beauty of the great outdoors for a stunning backdrop.  The main reason is that it gives you the chance to arrange every detail according to your vision–from decor to food and everything in between.  Limited only by your imagination, a country wedding venue is also a perfect backdrop for DIY brides who are looking for a budget friendly venue.

Outdoor wedding venues create a bohemian, romantic vibe.  Nature brings an intimate feel to a wedding that can’t be accomplished indoors.  An outdoor wedding creates a unique experience for your guests because there is so much visual interest for them to notice in the scenery, views, landscaping and more.

The biggest reason for an outdoor wedding is all those epic photos.  A photographer loves unique scenery, open fields, hilltops and varying options of lighting.  With all these unique outdoor elements, nature sets the stage for a beautiful backdrop.  You’ll have a wedding album you’ll love for years to come.

An outdoor venue sets everyone in a festive mood.  Surrounded by beautiful scenery, trees, chirping birds and gentle breeze, guests feel at ease and relaxed the minute they arrive.  This allows your visitors to connect with nature’s vibe and feel at peace while enjoying the ceremony.  If you’re looking for a perfect outdoor, country wedding venue, The Forge Venue is a perfect option with an indoor reception barn. Call us at 916-591-2105 for details.