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Born and raised in California's wine region, we're drawn to the energy of raw, untethered nature.  It soothes our soul.  The Forge was inspired as a reflection of who we are. We grew up breaking bread together with loved ones, literally in the middle of apple orchards, vineyards and edible gardens (before they were a thing). We carry on that same tradition of celebrating connection while enjoying the beautiful surroundings of nature.

Every aspect of The Forge was inspired. None of it was created. The juxtaposition of modern mixed with untouched nature results in an organic, non-contrived ambiance.

Jen loves to forage the woods and create inspiring spaces. Clint enjoys tending the land. We love the Lord, as He is our full sufficiency. In this same spirit, we dedicate this property to those who are seeking a marriage as defined in God's word.

That's our story. We can't wait to meet you and hear your story.

Clint + Jen

The couple smiles and laughs with their wedding party while taking wedding photos at our intimate wedding venue during their rustic romance wedding.


Imagine gathering your tribe together for an unforgettable weekend of sunset strolls through wooded acres, + being able to slowly, meaningfully savor every moment of your wedding over 3 magical days.

The Forge is not just a venue, it's a destination.

Wake up on your wedding day, stress-free, because we'll worry about the practical deets, so that you can truly enjoy the moment.