April 23, 2019 /

5 Factors to keep in mind for your Wedding Theme


The list of wedding themes is endless – from classic to rustic and bohemian, or from minimalist to industrial and alternative.

When it comes to choosing the most personal and meaningful wedding theme, the task may seem almost impossible. You want to pick an overarching style but you also need to look into colors, décor, food, music and more.

So where do you start? Here are some important factors you must consider when choosing a wedding theme.

The Venue

Whether you pick the theme first or the venue, your chosen space is your guide for the rest of the stuff.

Ideally, pick your venue before you start dreaming of styles. What kind of a venue is it? Is it a ballroom or a barn? Knowing everything about your venue will help you decide the kind of style that will work best. For example, rustic, bohemian weddings work best in a barn, open meadow, or garden.

Design Inspiration

Look around your venue space for design ideas. Is there some existing décor? What is the landscape, lighting and colors like? Basically, how can you use the existing elements in your theme?

Don’t be boxed in the current styles for theme inspiration, but go outside the box and be inspired by the ins and outs of your venue. For example, the Forge venue at Dallas Fort Worth makes for an awesome barn and country wedding venue and there is no dearth of inspiration in the vineyard, meadows and woods around.

Deconstruct the Theme

Theme deconstruction is about getting into the details. Start with the basic theme and then dive deeper.

Be as specific as possible with the venue and the vendors. If you want rustic, choose what kind of rustic – country barn rustic will look and feel different from woodland rustic. For a vintage theme, decide on the period to help you find décor, flowers, and colors that will express your theme.

Stay Authentic

To ensure your wedding theme is authentic, research about it. Don’t put up art deco pieces if you’ve a Victorian-era theme.

You can also create authenticity by giving your guests personalized favors that reflect your theme.


If you’re working within a budget, you’ll need to come up with more affordable ideas for your wedding. Consider hosting your wedding in an actual barn, for instance, to create a country style wedding. Can’t buy plane tickets to a tropical location? Add tropical elements into your wedding theme.

At the end of it all, your theme should reflect your and your partner’s personality, as a couple. Use that as a guide, but finally, go with your instinct!