April 8, 2019 /

6 Clever Ways to Elevate Your Barn Wedding


Barn weddings can be as glamorous as any other wedding styles. Here are the top tips on how to balance the sophisticated and the bohemian to elevate your barn wedding to the next level.

Use the ceiling

Barn weddings are so popular because the location provides a romantic backdrop that embraces the beauty of nature. So, every element of your venue can be used to add to that feeling.

Hang gorgeous flower baskets from the woods nearby or chandeliers from the ceiling of the barn to draw your guests’ eyes up and to create a stunning backdrop to your photos.

Set the tone

You can begin introducing your guests to the rustic setting with your stationery design itself. Couple rustic barn settings and elements with sophisticated design in your invites and place setting cards and notes.

Dress the barn

Barn weddings provide an excellent opportunity for creating interesting backdrops with the right use of draping, lighting, and foliage.

Make the space intimate

Barn venues often have high ceilings that may make it feel cavernous. Depending on the venue and your gathering size, lower the ceilings by draping or hanging fabric. This also helps with the sound and makes the setting feel more intimate.

Use color

Barn venues are usually earthy and neutral. Take this as an opportunity to use bold color, soft fabrics, and lovely tabletops to dress up your affair against the natural backdrop. Get your inspiration from the colors of the foliage outside to elevate the décor.

Add Country and Rock & Roll

Add country and rock and roll music and dancing to complete the event. You could reserve your barn for dinner and dancing only while having the ceremony outside. You can add beautiful lighting and also prevent the chill if temperature outside drops towards the evening.