Andrew + Ashley's Elegant Summer Wedding

June 20, 2018

Being The Forge’s first wedding ever, we couldn’t have asked for a sweeter couple to host.  Because the groom’s family was from Canada, The Forge cabin was the perfect neutral location for the bride and groom’s family to meet for the first time.  It was a relaxed, stress free, inviting atmosphere where the families could truly enjoy their first meeting and celebrating the occasion at hand.  (Fun fact:  if you look closely in these photos and in the video, you’ll see the British Choir Director who orchestrated the Royal Wedding in England.  She was also the vocalist in Andrew and Ashley’s wedding. )

This elegant summer wedding featured lush table decor adorned with personal touches.  A favorite among guests were the handmade place setting cards sketched onto delicate carrara marble tiles.  The cheese platters were also on slabs of carrara marble, decadently dressed with apricots, grapes, figs, nuts and gourmet cheeses. 

Combining soft, cool grays with vibrant accents of copper, this stylish wedding was a gala to remember.  

Photos by Alba Rose Photography

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