November 12, 2018 /

Why Should You Choose an Outdoor Wedding Venue?


A wedding is such a special event in a couple’s life.  Everyone wants their wedding to be perfect and outstanding.  With so many details to consider and endless creative options it can be a challenge to decide on what will make the biggest impact for lifetime of memories.  The first and most important decision is deciding on a venue.  Your venue sets the tone and feel of your wedding and should reflect who you are as a couple.  Here’s 5 amazing reasons why you should choose an outdoor wedding venue:

  1. An outdoor wedding venue offers amazing scenery that sets your guests at ease.  It creates an entirely unique experience for guests as they take in the scenery, the sounds of nature, the gentle breeze, the gorgeous sunsets.  Outdoor venues are often easier on the budget than fancy hotels or in-town venues.
  2. Outdoor venues offer epic photo ops!  Your photos will be the ones your friends are swooning over on the pages of Pinterest and Instagram.  With insta-worthy photos your wedding will be the talk of the town for years to come.
  3. Everyone has been to the same ole’ banquet hall wedding.  Treat your guests to an experience like they’ve never experienced before.  The mystery for guests becomes exciting from the minute they enter the venue gates.  Guests feel a sense of anticipation and excitement from the minute they enter the entrance gates because they’ve never been to a wedding quite like this.  When guests witness something totally unique, they can’t help be in a positive mood!
  4. An outdoor wedding venue offers endless space for you and your guests.  Conduct the wedding and reception in a single location, without having to worry about relocating spaces.
  5. An outdoor wedding venue offers distinctly different setting with the various seasons.  Many birdes love all the colored leaves falling in autum while other brides love the bright green, newly budding springtime foliage that makes stunning photos.  Winter weddings are especially beautiful with loads of candles,  pine branches for decor and even decorating with Christmas trees.

If you’re considering outdoor wedding venue, The Forge Venue can help you with an amazing outdoor wedding location. Give us a call or drop us an email. We’re here to take your call.  916-591-2105.