March 19, 2019 /

4 Reasons that make Barn Weddings So Attractive


If you want your wedding venue to have plenty of character, elegance and space, a barn wedding is what you are looking for.

The Space

Barn wedding venues are usually the perfect size and space for your ceremony. They also have gardens or woods around them that become the flawless backdrop for your celebrations.

A Blank Canvas

Most barn wedding venues have wonderful original features and if you combine it with a natural or neutral color theme, you are all set for your big day.

Barn wedding venues are also great if you wish to bring in your own style and color choices, whether it is the rustic look you want to embrace or something contemporary.

Nothing could be better than the high ceilings, beams and plenty of space, a barn or country venue offers.

All Yours

Barn wedding venues are often exclusively yours to use. You won’t be bumping in to any other brides or guests who aren’t part of your wedding unlike a hotel or other venues. Country wedding venues, such as the Forge in Dallas Fort Worth, are yours for the weekend with exclusive cabins for the bride and groom.

Beautiful surroundings

Barn and country venues are often in the midst of beautiful countryside. Lush woods or fields surrounding a barn wedding venue and that alone makes couples fall head over heels with the place.

If you are looking for the best barn wedding venues in Dallas Fort Worth, book a tour at the FORGE VENUE. The posh wedding cabin, the outdoor wedding ceremony space, overlooking a meadow and flanked by a vineyard at The Forge is the perfect, picturesque for newlyweds to celebrate at the end of their wedding day