January 8, 2019 / blog

Winter Weddings Made Magical!


When you think of a destination weddings, you naturally think of sunshine and outdoor festivities. But now you don’t have to wait for the summer to experience a unique, festive, destination celebration.

Take sparkle, dark nights, lots of layers and add a winter twist on the traditional summer celebration, and you are already halfway to a winter festival wedding!

The Forge Venue is an intimate and romantic venue that is a perfect backdrop for a winter destination wedding. But this isn’t your typical country barn wedding venue. This venue fuses country, industrial and organic elements, all in one space. Included in the destination wedding package is a beautifully decorated cabin that sleeps 12. Uniqueness is found everywhere the eye can see – the lawn overlooking the meadow and flanked by a vineyard, the posh wedding cabin, the natural organic treasures and more.

Be it the sparkling frost, the excitement of Christmas or the New Year revelry, winter weddings have a magical vibe that can’t be found in any other season. A country barn venue such as The Forge is the perfect backdrop to curate a winter wonderland and host your wedding. Illuminated by the soft glow of candle light, coupled with a 100-foot farm dining table, and lots of twinkling lights above and your guests will feel like they’ve entered a magical storybook wedding!

If you have a vision and you see the beauty in what no one else does, visit The Forge.

Share your unique style and wedding day vision with us and we will bring it to life at FORGE VENUE.

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