September 13, 2019 /

4 Exciting Tips for Your Bohemian Wedding


You are a bohemian within if you are happy-go-lucky, love everything nature-friendly and value joy above all else.

A Boho wedding is chic, stylish, affordable and are deeply connected to nature. Everything in a wedding – music, decor, outfits, props and the venue – can be used to sync with the Boho theme.

Here are 4 exciting tips to help you plan a truly Bohemian wedding.

Natural Setting

The natural setting begins with the venue. A barn or country venue is perfect for a Boho wedding. Such venues are often set in the lap of nature, surrounded by meadows, woods or vineyards. You can incorporate the theme in anything – from the locally growing blooms for your bouquet and centerpieces to the food that is based on fresh, local produce.

Floral Decor

The best part about a Boho wedding theme is that your decor becomes one with the natural surroundings. You can have a variety of floral and foliage arrangements to add passion to the set up. Use what grows around your venue in bouquets, headpieces, crowns, corsages, and centerpieces.

Outdoor Wedding Portraits

Take full advantage of your wedding venue to create epic wedding portraits showing the unique and gorgeous ambiance.

Everything Boho

Let all aspects of your wedding be Boho. Starting with your invites so that your guests can get their outfits ready to the place settings and floral arrangements – make everything look Boho chic.

Light the venue up with lanterns and fairy lights, let loose curtains hand around tables, drape the trees with fabric and mix and match décor pieces to set the mood of the wedding day. Use photo booths to make loads of memories with your loved ones.