May 15, 2019 /

5 Unbeatable Reasons to plan a Barn Wedding


If you’ve a country wedding venue on your mind – a venue with beautiful views, plenty of character, elegance, space and light, a barn wedding is the perfect choice. Here are 5 reasons our guests cite for choosing a barn wedding.

All about weddings

Many barn wedding venues are actual barns that have been converted to serve as wedding venues and each space has been carefully designed. At the Forge in Dallas Fort Worth, for example, the venue is perfect for your country or barn wedding. With vineyards flanking the aisle and overlooking a meadow, a posh wedding cabin for the groom’s and bride’s party and natural elements adorning the barn, you have the perfect bohemian, country, barn wedding.

Your style, your décor

Barn and country wedding venues usually have neutral or natural color schemes, that not only blend with your décor but even highlight it. Barns are the perfect place to bring in your own style and color choices. You may choose to embrace the rustic look or make it a little more contemporary, it’s all up to you.

Exclusively yours

Barn wedding venues usually offer the exclusive use of the entire space to you. You won’t be sharing a hotel with any other brides or people who aren’t part of your wedding. It’s all yours!

Beautiful Surroundings

The high ceilings, beams and the wedding area flanked by vineyards, overlooking a meadow – nothing couldn’t be more ideal for a wedding celebration.

Stay overnight

If you are entertaining the idea of staying overnight at your wedding venue, barns are the perfect choice. Many offer wedding cabins, barns, haylofts that have been converted to romantic accommodation.