March 25, 2019 /

5 Wedding planning myths busted


Like a lot of other myths, wedding myths keep gaining credibility until you decide to free yourself with the truth. So here is the truth about the most popular wedding myths.

You need a whole year to plan a wedding

No, you don’t.

If you’re focused and organized, you can plan a wedding in a few months (assuming you’ve enough time to complete all the legal aspects). Yes, there was a time when couples used to take a year to plan a wedding and some still do. But you don’t have to wait an entire year to get married to the love of your life, if you put your mind and energy to it!

DIY saves you money

Sometimes, yes but not always.

If you’re planning a frugal wedding that doesn’t need lots of materials and equipment, then yes, DIY might help you make it work within your budget.

But if you’ve specific themes and complex crafts, DIY may not be such a good idea, especially because it will take up all your time. And you don’t want to lose control in the final few weeks.

You’ll know instantly when it’s ‘the one’

Again, sometimes yes!

There are some brides, who will instantly fall in love with the first gown they try. But they are a minority. However, the myth that you should feel a surge of emotion when you try on a dress and that will tell you, ‘it’s the one’, may ruin your whole wedding dress experience. Sometimes, the realization dawns slowly and that’s fine too.

Everything about your wedding should be one-of-a-kind

Instagram, Pinterest and some of our fav blogs are choc-a-bloc with ideas of the perfect wedding. Many couples think that every single element of the wedding should be unique with creative details. You can do that, for sure, but your wedding won’t be any less perfect if you don’t. Remember that the memories come from you not the details. Sometimes a simple ceremony makes for the greatest one!

It takes a lot to plan the perfect wedding

Some couples hire expensive wedding planners. Well, if you want to have one and can afford them too, it’s great! A great wedding ceremony requires a great venue. Don’t restrict yourself to conventional wedding venues such as hotels.

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