June 7, 2019 /

5 Reasons Couples love Barn Wedding Venues


If you and your fiancé are trying to create a perfect wedding with plenty of character and elegance, a barn wedding might just be the picture-perfect choice. Here are the top reasons why many couples are choosing barn wedding venues for their special day.


Most barn wedding venues are actual barns that have been converted into wedding venues with each space carefully considered. At the Forge venue, for example, the place is the perfect size and space for your ceremony. With vineyards and meadows flanking the aisle, the dining barn and a gorgeous cabin to help you relax and dress up, there is a natural flow all around, on your special day.


Barn wedding venues provide you a versatile space and original features that can take up any shape and theme, based on your imagination. They usually have a neutral color scheme. You can either bring in your own style and color choices, whether you want to utilize the original rustic look or turn it into something a little more contemporary.

All Yours

Most barn wedding venues will offer you exclusive use. You don’t need to avoid bumping into any other brides or guests who aren’t part of your wedding. It’s all yours!


Barns are typically set amidst beautiful countryside, with meadows or woods surrounding it. This creates the perfect intimate, organic setting for a wedding you have been planning for months.


If you want to stay overnight at your wedding venue, a barn venue is an excellent choice. Popular barn wedding venues, such as the Forge in Dallas Fort Worth, offer cabins, further barns, or other bespoke, quirky accommodation.

If you’re looking for country and barn wedding venues in Dallas Fort Worth, book a tour at the FORGE VENUE today!