December 15, 2018 /

Reasons to Consider a Country Wedding


Each year, more and more couples ditch the predictably generic and lavish wedding venues in order to scout out unique and awe-inspiring backdrops for their nuptials.  Why are these trendsetting couples saying “no thanks” to the perfectly manicured landscaping and ornately decorated banquet halls for rustic barns and tall, grassy fields in a country setting?   Let’s find out:

  • Country wedding venues often provide on-site accommodations. This is especially appreciated by friends and family who are traveling from a great distance.  They’ll feel pampered and love spending added time with family and friends.
  • Traditional wedding venues located in the city are often corporate owned and large wedding conglomerates. These venues are expensive, have restrictive policies, short 4-8 hour wedding blocks of time, forcing you to rush through the wedding day.  Moreover, if you request to deviate from their standard time frames or policies, it will come with a hefty upcharge.  Country wedding venues are usually privately owned and more flexible with timeframes, food and beverage policies and everything in between.  Country wedding venues tend to be more accommodating in order to earn your business.
  • Country weddings make for epic wedding photos! A few minutes Insta-stalking and you’ll be inspired by all the wedding photos set against a breathtaking backdrop of raw nature and vivid colors.
  • Country wedding venues are highly unique in nature because every venue is so different. Everyone has attended weddings in a hotel banquet hall or a traditional wedding venue.  Treat your guests to an unexpected experience with a venue to which they’ve never been.  They’ll be inspired by the beauty of nature and enjoy the scenery of the great outdoors.
  • Country wedding venues allow the couple’s personality to be center stage. Country wedding venues often have a neutral design and a blank palette for couple to decorate with their personal tastes.

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