August 9, 2019 /

5 Things You Must Check Before You Book A Wedding Venue


You obviously want to ensure your wedding as magical as you have always imagined it to be. The wedding venue is critical to your celebration. Here are the top 5 things you must check, before booking the wedding venue.

Is the space big enough for my guest list?

You should have an idea of the number of guests you are going to invite to your wedding. You do not need a firm count but having a rough idea will allow you to shortlist venues without visiting each one personally.

Does the venue offer the look I want?

You may have a theme in mind for your wedding, whether it is going to be a romantic vineyard, a barn, a ballroom or simply your backyard. However, it is not easy to plan for a specific style at any venue. Deciding the wedding style, you want, will help you select a venue that suits the style.

Is it a full-service venue?

A full-service wedding venue will offer you everything for your big day while other venues may simply offer you the space and it is up to you to plan everything else. Some venues may have preferred vendors they want you to work with. Check these details before you finally book the space.

What are the hours of operation?

It is a very important to know if there are any set hours to celebrate. Some venues have noise restrictions or may charge a fee past a certain number of hours.

How much deposit is required?

A few important questions you need to ask about the venue are –

  • what is the rental fee?
  • what is included in that price?
  • what is the refund policy?
  • are there any discounts for a specific day or season?
  • how much is the deposit?
  • is any part of the deposit refundable?
  • do they offer a payment plan?

Get all this in writing to avoid misunderstandings!

In addition to these, you may have other important considerations when selecting a venue. Make a list and get everything in writing.