August 8, 2019 /

Reduce Your Wedding Costs with 5 Amazing Ideas


If you are fearing overshooting your wedding budget, you may’ve received several tips from your friends, like “reduce the number of guests” or “don’t marry on the weekend”. While that’s great advice, you may not be in a position to follow it. For example, you can’t marry on a weekday because of your work schedule. To make things easier, here are 5 innovative tips you can use.

Brunch wedding

Brunch weddings are increasingly becoming increasingly popular. Booking a venue during off-peak hours makes the same venue more affordable venue as well as cuts down food and beverage costs.

Wear a white bridesmaid dress

If you’re planning a barn, rustic, or country wedding, swap the traditional wedding gown for a chic white bridesmaid dress and cowboy boots. This alone will save you a great deal of cash.

Serve signature cocktails

A full open bar can prove expensive. Cut the alcohol bill by serving beer, wine and a signature cocktail. If there is a brewery or vineyard, buy directly from them and get bulk discounts.

Reuse bouquets

After the wedding ceremony, use the bridesmaid bouquets to serve as centerpieces. Or you could use candles and photos in vintage frames to decorate the tables at a lesser cost compared to floral centerpieces.

Close the bar early

Closing the bar an hour early to save yon the alcohol bill. You could offer coffee with mini donuts during the last hour.